Best Virtual World Games Online

This article will give you an overview of the best virtual worlds that you can play or explore online right now. We have grouped the virtual worlds into social and gaming with some built on Blockchain technology and others that are not but currently in use by millions of users every day. We are focusing on the best games that give the best gameplay, graphics and other features that make the game enjoyable.  


Decentraland Trailer

Another 3D virtual world but built on top of the blockchain. Decentralized has its own currency called Mana. Users can explore the world, meet people, trade their NFTs, buy and sell land, create marketplaces, chat with each other, attend live concerts, attend events, play at casinos, play video games, competitions and much more. What makes it different to other virtual worlds is that it’s a fully decentralized world. Decisions on new features and management of the world are governed by the users via a voting system. Created in 2017 and has become more popular from news about the metaverse and more countries embracing cryptocurrency, this world has a lot more to develop in the future. 


Minecraft Trailer

A popular game amongst the youngers famous for its pixelated graphics. You can build land, worlds and battle other users. Made for Xbox only, and has one of the biggest gaming communities, popular and addictive. It’s not expensive to play which makes it easy for everyone to download and play. It’s a sandbox game which means all users have the freedom to explore and do anything they want in the world.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

An NFT game built on the blockchain, breed your own Axie’s, trade, buy and sell land and battle in this pokemon like game. This game operates on a play to earn model, with the majority of players in the Philippines and seen as a gambling game. Acting as its own mini economy some players are using this game as their main source of income just by playing the game. Released in March 2018, we will be watching to see how this virtual world develops further, its gameplay and play to earn model coupled is innovative. This innovation has given users access to financial services they previously could not access, it has opened up a whole new world of options for players.  


OVR Trailer

A decentralised augmented reality platform, connect to anyone all over the world and attend events, buy and sell NFTs, discover art galleries, explore or even trade one of the 1.6 trillion unique lands. In this world, you can also earn tokens for buying, selling, building and publishing AR experiences. Ready to download on the google or apple app store you can experience this amazing AR world right now on your phone.

Second Life

Second Life Trailer

Released in 2003, a 3D virtual world was created for users to create avatars of themselves and enjoy social events such as concerts, go to nightclubs, role play, go on exploration quests, attend classes, press conferences, trade-in marketplaces and much more. You can buy clothes, land and do things like teleport yourself. 


IMVU Trailer

A chat-based 3D virtual world with the opportunity to create an avatar of yourself and enjoy the virtual world alongside more than 6 million people. Lose yourself in a fantasy or socialise with your friends. Focusing on giving users a way to have an upgraded social experience, better than social media, the ability to create and dress your avatars and connect with others. 1 day you could be on the beach enjoying the sea and sun, the next you could be clubbing with others and finding friends to do more social activities together.