NFTs: The Future of Art in the Digital World & Beyond

An overview of NFT art and how they can be showcased now and in the future. Buying art with cryptocurrencies has become more and more popular over the past 2 years with the industry getting bigger. The creation of smart contracts has enabled people to trade digital items online. This has opened the door for digital artists to sell their art physically or online, as before it was difficult or impossible for any digital created to be traded online now it’s a market that has exploded over a number of years. With NFT’s opening the door for more art to be traded online, NFT art galleries are another way for artists to showcase their art.

A gap in the market has been identified, giving digital and non digital artists a way to sell their work online. Connecting more artists to prospective buyers all over the world. Art created and a value attached to that are by the artist making the market more accessible for new artists entering the arts industry. Accessibility is not just to new artists but also opening up new ways to connect with buyers. Many people in countries around the world do not have access to a bank account, anyone around the world can own a wallet and cryptocurrency. This opens up new trading opportunities for buyers and sellers.

How do artists sell their work?

  • Physical and online Art galleries
  • Market places – link to NFT market places article
  • Cryptocurrency events
  • The metaverse in VR

Physical NFT Digital Art Galleries

An NFT art gallery is a place where artists can showcase their digital art. The gallery can then be viewed by the general public and bought. These art galleries display as popup galleries somewhere physical in the world, the popularity of this gallery depends on marketing and footfall into the gallery. Cryptocurrency conference events have seen a high popularity in NFT purchases of digital art. We see digital art showcased already across the world with museums showcasing innovative exhibitions. In the future we will see more art galleries showcasing not just physical art but also digital still and moving art. 

Online Web NFT Art galleries

Many are currently up and running. Artists can create their own websites, online galleries and marketplaces with a large audience. The good news is that the gallery is online, showcasing your art is not dependent on footfall, anyone from the world can access your art. Marketing and SEO is still required in order to get more people to the online gallery.

Metaverse NFT Art galleries in VR

Very similar to the online gallery, the difference? You can have a much more immersive experience with the art. Giving visitors a realistic experience in viewing the art from anywhere across the world. An upgraded experience to viewing art on a website, a better experience of the art giving buyers a more realistic view of the art, the experience being more immersive will make you feel like you are physically in the room viewing the art. 

List of Online NFT Art Galleries


In conclusion we feel there is now a new marketplace connecting more artists and buyers who have common interests in different types of physical and digital art. We would expect this industry to grow in the future and eventually become a normal part of life within the community. We’ll expect to see the adoption of NFTs across more and more digital platforms, opening more opportunities for artists to have their art showcased to prospective buyers.