Best VR Headsets 2022

A list of the best VR headsets in 2022, based on a review of the market, technical specs. We give you a summary of each headset including the quality of graphics, availability of games on the market and the main features of each headset. From the most expensive to the cheapest, you’ll be more informed about the best VR headsets in 2022. 

Valve Index VR Kit

Valve Index VR Headset
Valve Index VR Kit

You just need to have a PC with steam and you can experience the world of VR. This headset is expensive but it does have some slightly better specs than the Oculus and PSVR, if you care about technical specs such as the refresh rate and field of view you may want to go for the Valve Index. The fact it connects to PC is a plus and it connects to a wealth of games on steam. You are definitely in good hands when it comes to the Valve Index. 

Oculus VR Headset

Oculus VR Headset
Oculus VR Kit

As the leader in the VR market, Oculus is the most popular headset with:

  • High Quality of imagery & video
  • Gameplay is good
  • Has most of the games across the market

Oculus has 4 versions of their VR from Oculus Rift to Quest 2. Any can be bought in-store or on most retailer websites. Oculus quest 3 is due to be released this year. If you’re looking for a VR headset that gives an amazing VR experience without the high price tag then Oculus is the one for you. With their focus on delivering an immersive gaming experience, playing or just chatting with friends this VR delivers a great experience for users. 

HTC Vive VR Kit

HTC Vive VR Headset
HTC Vive VR Kit

Focused solely on giving their customers a fully immersive experience in VR. With the best visual technologies and processing power. The HTC Vive aims to be the VR set to use to give unparalleled experiences with art and now NFTs with their Vive arts project. Available for many different industries to utilise, from business, designers, architects to hardcore gamers. Anyone can use their headsets. Providing accessories such as trackers to bring real-world objects into VR, facial recognition technology and a wireless charging system. The Vive pro 2 has won the CES innovator awards 2022, for a price tag of $1300+ being the most innovative and expensive on the market. With many games available to play on their app store you’ll find it hard to be bored.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony Playstation VR Headset
Sony Playstation VR

PlayStation entered the market with a VR headset to play with PS4 in October 2016. Their VR headset is available to play with PS4 and PS5. There are many games available but this is restricted to PlayStation only games. The downside is you have to buy the PlayStation console in order to play VR. If you already have a PS4 or PS5 then this might be the best option for you. Otherwise, the VR headset on its own is quite low in price but when you add the console you’re looking at a $1000 price tag.