A virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

But what does that really mean? This article aims to give you an understanding of what the metaverse is, and the platforms offering access to the metaverse. 

The aim is to provide a place for people to interact with each other online to complete various real-life activities.

Think Ready player one
ready player one metaverse
Ready Player One Movie
or Upload
Upload Metaverse
Upload TV Series on Amazon Prime

The idea is that you can do as much in the virtual world as you can in the real world. 

At the moment there are multiple platforms that have built or are trying to build a metaverse for their users to interact, buy and sell virtual goods, play games, buy and sell land, build virtual property and much more. These platforms require you to have a powerful computer or laptop to run powerful game graphics, some games also now exist on VR headsets.

What Metaverse Platforms exist now?

There are many from games to Crypto platforms and now Facebook has joined the race to become “The Metaverse” that everyone uses. Decentraland built on the blockchain is Crypto’s biggest virtual world with the “Sandbox” and “Axie Infinity” not too far behind. You also have various games such as Mine Craft and The Sims who have a “Virtual” world element as well as games like the World of Warcraft where you can buy, sell, play, interact and socialise with others in the game.

Why is the metaverse so attractive for people?

  • Meet and connect with people
  • Play games socially or on your own
  • Buy and sell NFTs within the marketplace
  • Create your own avatar
  • Buy and sell clothes for your avatar
  • Attend festivals from around the world in 1 place
  • Run events to socialise with people across the world
  • Have a say on the way the virtual world runs and the way policies are made
  • Buy your own land and build on top of that land
  • Users can build their own economy within the metaverse and have more influence on the way it is built.