Top 5 sports games on VR that you can play now

1.Sports scramble

Sports scramble image - Games on VR

Out of all the games on VR the most fun VR sports game that I have ever played. It’s tennis with a twist. When you start the game it feels like you’re in a real tennis court but a cartoon version. You have a box that you have to stand in and then you need to play the first serve with a tennis ball and racket. After a few turns of successfully getting the ball over the net, there is the opportunity to change the opponent’s racket or ball. You could end up playing with a golf club and a bouncy ball or even with a beach ball and a baseball bat. It’s wacky, fun and you can even burn a few calories with it. The game can be played by anyone in the family who enjoys Tennis with a twist! 

2.Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the fight image for video games on VR

There are many boxing games on VR, this competitive boxing VR game will have you sweating within 10 minutes of starting the game. As soon as you start the game you’re competing against the virtual boxer. There are 2 options: Training and Fighting. When you’re competing in the ring it feels like you’re fighting a real person. Even though it’s obvious the AI is not real and the graphics could be a bit more realistic, you still feel fully immersed and like you’re fighting a real person. As you win the fights gets harder as the AI gets smarter and moves more. Definitely will make you work up a sweat, with that competitive element it just does not feel like you’re intentionally doing a work out. The training mode is good although quite hard to do some of the exercises such as the punch bag. 

3.Beat Saber

Beat Saber image - games on VR

It’s the famous Beat Saber ninja slicing light saber VR game. Out of all the sports games on VR, this game will get you sweating after playing just 2 songs. As a beginner on this game, it seems like it’s hard as you have to slice the beats of the song that move towards you. It’s not a typical sports game but deserves to be in the list as it gets you moving with sight sabers and music. They’re always releasing new songs, there are song packs that are free and song packs you buy. Whatever you choose, it’s a fun game that can keep you playing for hours. Be careful, it is addictive, you’ll be playing expert in no time. 

4.Holopoint Game

Holopoint image - Games on VR

There are not many archery games on VR. This game will help you to discover muscles you never knew existed. A fun archery game for VR that gets you moving. Getting harder as you go along, you have to shoot at blocks and samurai running towards you during the game, after you have shot your target, you have to move out of the way before the debris hits you and ends the game. This game will have you ducking and weaving out of the way to avoid getting hit with debris from the game. Definitely good fun and a mini workout for every muscle in your body.

5.Table Tennis: Eleven

Elevent game - Games on VR image

An immersive experience with varying levels of difficulty and has a multiplayer mode where you can play with people around the world. This game is hard and requires some skill when it comes to playing table tennis against the AI. It feels mostly as though you are playing the real game with lots of settings for setting up your environment and the way the ball spins when playing. It doesn’t seem to create much of a sweat in a short period of time. It does get more difficult and after playing for long periods of time you will sweat with this game.