Top VR fitness games that you can play now

When you think about VR fitness you think about how immersive your experience is. what you can do with your virtual reality machine to experience the virtual world. VR fitness games are becoming more popular and help people to stay active while playing their favourite games. Some are playing games that require you to stay active within the game and some games are more geared towards giving you an enjoyable fitness routine that you can experience everyday. 

VR Fitness Games

These VR games are geared towards people who want to keep fit on a regular basis. Games like FitXR and Supernatural give the user the options to do boxing, hiit and dance classes to stay fit. 


A game with a difference offering 10-45 minute fitness classes across 3 different workout types: boxing, hiit and dance. Classes offer the most up to date music, the trainers make you feel good and you feel like you are doing the class with other people. 

You compete against other people’s scores on the leaderboard, the harder you workout the higher the score you get.

I can personally recommend the boxing and hiit classes, there is a library of 100’s of classes and they release new classes everyday. You do need to subscribe to use it, but if you like boxing and hiit training you’ll definitely find it worth subscribing to this game.


Only available in the US, as we’re in the UK we could not test this game but we have heard it’s amazing. From the reviews so far, it’s one of the best VR fitness games on the market. Similar to Beat Saber, You have to move a lot in this game, using your saber to slice and dice everything that moves towards you.

Games Just for Fun but Still Keep You Fit


If you’re looking for a good workout for your muscles then this Holopoint VR fitness is the game for you. Only 10 minutes in this game is enough of a challenge. It’s fun and challenging, the game requires you to shoot your arrow towards targets that randomly appear. 

Be careful, the game is a 360 game and targets can appear anywhere around you. Not only do you have to shoot the targets, you also have to doge debris from the target you just hit, unfortunately if you get him the game is over. It’s an enjoyable game with many challenges, you don’t even realise you’re getting an exercise which is why this game is on the list.

Beat Saber

Very fun music beat game, great for fitness. Requires you to slice the box in the direction the arrow is point on each block. You have 2 sabers and a mission to finish the song without missing the blocks or getting hit by any of the in game obstacles. It requires you to physically slice the blocks and becomes more and more challenging as you play the game.

Thrill of the Fight

If you’re already a boxer, you might find this game easy to play. It’s a boxing game, although the graphics are not as immersive i.e. they could be a bit more realistic. This game will give you a very good workout, you’ll be breathless after 1 or 2 fights. They have 2 modes, fight mode and training mode, our favourite mode is fight mode. Try it out, it’s pretty good!

In conclusion, getting fit using VR can be good for people who want to enjoy exercise. For some it can also enable motivation to get back into fitness. Whatever reason you use to play VR fitness games the top games are just the start, we expect more games to come in the future.