VR Treadmills – Do they improve your gaming experience?

There are different types of VR treadmills but the focus of this blog is the omnidirectional treadmill. An accessory to VR that every VR gamer would love as the accessory of the future. This article will give a summary of what’s on the market right now, how it works and where you can buy them.

Kat VR Treadmill
Kat VR Treadmill

A VR treadmill is exactly what it says in the name, it’s a treadmill that you can use with your VR machine. My first thought when I saw the VR treadmill was “Yes!” a new way to exercise BUT! The main reason why a VR treadmill might be useful is to help with the motion in games that requires you to walk or run in the game while standing still. If you have ever tried games like “Blade and Sorcery” or “Arizona sunshine” then you will love the treadmill as it makes it easier to play the game without experiencing the headaches and nausea that comes with these games. 

What can you do with VR Treadmills?

The Omnidirectional VR treadmill allows you to walk and run while playing VR games, making the experience much easier for the brain and enhancing the experience in VR. It’s smaller than many of its competitors and is small enough to fit inside a bedroom or living room. Other treadmills are too big and require its own room. 

Full motion within the game with the ability to move forwards and backwards on as the omnidirectional treadmill enables you to have complete control over your motion in the game enabling you to walk and run in any direction. 

Don’t worry, you are provided with a strap to make sure you don’t fall off the treadmill while playing your games. You also have an automatic boundary, no need to walk into things, you have complete freedom to play action VR games without worrying about the area around you. 

How do the VR Treadmills work?

Where can I buy the VR treadmill?

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