Best VR Workout Games – FitXR VR Game Review

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FitXR VR Workout Game

The aim of this article is to give you an overview of how fitXR works. To help you to decide if this VR workout game can help you, to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Hopefully it can help you to answer questions. We think anything that can get anyone moving and have fun at the same time is a win win in our minds. FitXR definitely provides options especially for people who are finding it hard to get into a workout routine or need just some extra motivation to get moving. We hope that by giving you more information about this VR workout game, we can inspire people to get moving. 

1.There’s lots of choices for your VR workout

You can choose from a selection of games boxing, HIIT and dancing aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There is a wide variety of trainers and music to suit everyone. If you’re the type of person that finds it hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym then this game might suit you. There is a new class released everyday, enough classes to keep you busy with at least 1-2 classes per week.

2.Amazing music along with motivational virtual trainers

The music selection is great, the songs are recent and along with the voice over of trainer you can really tap into your beast mode to get the best out of the work out. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your ear. My only comment is, I wish they would add a “personalisation” mode which allows your trainer to personalise their voiceover to your workout based on your performance so I could be pushed even further in my workout.

3.You’re not alone in these VR workouts

You can choose to workout with your friends or against other players. When you join a class, you are added to a global leaderboard, you can compete against other player points during the class and at the end you are allocated an overall ranking. This competitive element motivates you to push harder to move yourself up higher in the leaderboard. The result? You move faster and if boxing, hit harder. We don’t believe the the leaderboard is in real time but it still is a great feature, maybe in the future we’ll have a feature that brings people together all over the world into a live class.

4.It measures your boxing, HIIT and Dancing stats

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During the class, not only are you competing against other players you can also see how hard you are hitting the target. You can collect points based on how hard (for boxing) and accurately you hit the target in boxing and HIIT training. For dancing you can collect your points based on how accurately you can perform the dance move. Streaks are the moves you complete without missing any of the targets. Your streaks get you bonus points to get you higher up on the leaderboard. 

5.Can I track my calories burned?

The amount of calories you burn is mostly based on your weight, which is why we recommend using the Oculus Move” app created by Oculus. You can track your calories by adding just a few pieces of your personal information such as your weight, age and height. The move app uses your oculus remote controllers and headset to track your movements. It’s not completely 100% accurate especially when you’re doing activities that push your heart rate up, however it is a good starting point in case you can’t get a fitness tracker to add your heart rate data. Additional heart rate data will give more accuracy on the amount of calories you are burning. 

There are other apps such as YUR Fitness that have been recommended by many across social media. We hope to test this app in the future to give you a more detailed review of this app. It gives detailed tracking of your fitness stats along with more accurate tracking when you connect your heart rate fitness tracker, it is a paid app. Please let us know if you have tried it and what your experience has been.

6.How many calories can I burn?

Depending on the options you choose, you can get a full workout and burn just over 100 calories in 15 minutes. For a person that weighs 210lbs, they can burn up to 300 calories after 40 minutes of a VR workout with games such as fitXR and Beat Saber. 

  1. How many times a week should I do a VR workout?

If you’re just getting back into exercising or want to add to your current workout routine we recommend you workout between 2-4 times a week with fitXR. You can do from 15-20 minutes per VR workout session, 2 boxing and 2 HIIT classes per week. 

If you’re a pro and looking to add something a bit more fun to your workout routine then you can add an extra 30 minutes of VR workouts to your routine per week. We would recommend any of the boxing, HIIT and dance classes. 

Our Conclusion

In conclusion we love the fitXR app and after reviewing it, we can see it being valuable for many people from beginners to advanced in fitness. It’s fun and gets you motivated and back into fitness. Give it a try, you might find a new love for boxing or HIIT training. We feel this VR workout game can be paired with other gym routines, classes and physical hobbies. You can definitely lose weight from and especially when you don’t have any gyms or options nearby to do other physical activities. Enjoy! Have fun! And Let us know how you get on with this game, it’s approved. 

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